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Central & Local

We specialize in restructuring units in government offices, building strategic plans and applying them...

National Programs

Construction and development of government programs in countries worldwide, including the interface...


Joint Partnerships

Creating connections and interfaces between entities undertaking municipal, national & international...


We specialize in restructuring units in government offices, building strategic plans and applying them. The process includes initiation, application, management, and accompaniment of national programs, creating partnerships between mechanisms and organizations, constructing estimation and training units, performing field research, performing research and assessment. All that while positioning the city as innovative and unique.

We understand that cooperation between central and local government could be turned into a leveraging platform, and at the same time grants even greater independance to both ends.

Langleben Strategies is engaged in initiation, construction and implementation of government programs in different countries around the world, including the interface between the central and local governments as the fabric that holds it together. A cooperation platform such as this is the key to encouraging spontaneous growth and development, as well as serve as an optimal utilization of resources. Sharing of information and transparency are essential components for a successful program in the short and long run. Therefore, it is important to put emphasis on producing a common and multi-generative model which could be replicated and used by all cities throughout the country.

These national programs are often adopted and applied by international bodies, as learning models. Naturally, different countries and cities have their own special needs and characteristics, and need to be tailored with their own specific design according to economical, cultural, educational, occupational, geographical, population, lifestyle and other traits. This is why during and after implementation of a certain program in one country, we help more countries to develop and assimilate the program in a way customized for their own set of traits.

We create connections and interfaces between entities undertaking municipal, national and international programs in different countries throughout the world, in order to establish a strong platform for unlimited mutual growth and development. The scope of partnerships vary in nature and extent, but all of them are examined from an innovative and revolutionary point of view, as we provide our best knowledge and experience to leverage cooperation into a project or program regarded as a front line innovation.

Kobi Langleben
Owner & CEO

An expert in working with public, defense, and business organizations.

Kobi has over 30 years of experience in the fields of organizational consultation, from the development of leadership in the civilian and military systems, through the implementation of changes in a wide range of organizations and public systems in both central and local governments, and up to strategic programs in the local municipalities on a variety of issues.

Kobi Holds a bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Communal Social Work and has undergone professional development in a variety of training programs. He specializes in organizational behavior with a strategic and systemic view, in implementing changes through organizational frameworks for operation, creating effective partnerships – and has brought systems and organizations to durable long term success.

Throughout his work he places special emphasis upon creating direct connections with his clients, orientation towards the human element in organizations, fulfillment of the individual alongside organizational utilization and the leveraging of crises and routines into opportunities and success. Kobi has ingenuity in creating organizational configurations and models, tools and methods tailored to the client’s characteristics.

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